The Crown Borneo Hotel: RoomsThe Crown Borneo Hotel: Rooms

The Crown Borneo Hotel: Rooms


11.30am until 6pm Daily
Scones: with fresh cream and hoko mulberry jam   RM3.50
Chocolate Eclairs: with sweetened cream   RM1.50/each
  RM4.00/set of 3
Rum Balls: contains alcohol   RM1.00/each
  RM2.50/set of 3
Chocolate Mousse: served with biscuit stick and a wafer   RM2.50/takeaway
Selection Muffins: check cafĂ© staff what we have on offer   RM3.50
Assortment Sandwiches: with selected fillings; chicken tuna, or egg served with potato crisps   RM3.50
* Takeaways Available at an extra cost of 50 cents
* Prepared and Created by Edison Yee, A chef from New Zealand
* Subject to change