The Crown Borneo Hotel: RoomsThe Crown Borneo Hotel: Rooms

The Crown Borneo Hotel: Rooms

Garama Proboscis Monkey River Cruise

The Garama Wetland Village, located in the west coast of Sabah is where you can see the Borneo’s indigenous proboscis monkeys living in their natural habitat in the mangrove forest. Besides seeing the proboscis monkeys, you may also have the chance to watch a variety of birds, the common Macaque gathering in large number, sighting of the rare silver Langour, large group of water buffalo and fireflies lightening up the mangrove trees in the night.

Tour Itinerary / Day Trip

12:30 pm   Depart from Kota Kinabalu.
15:30 pm   Arriving at the Garama Village. Hi tea will be served with a variety of delicious Malay cakes prepared by the local folks.
16:30 pm   River cruising on board the comfortable fiber glass boat for two hours in search of the bizarre odd-nose proboscis monkeys and other wildlife.
18:30 pm   A succulent Malaysian cuisine dinner will be served around the Garama Lodge area surrounded by the glimmering lantern lights.
19:30 pm   Cruising back along the river to get a glimpse of fireflies lightening up the mangrove trees. Also visit the souvenir shop before leaving the place.
21:00 pm   Arriving Kota Kinabalu (end of tour).
We can arrange for transport* at cost of RM150, pick up and drop off at the main entrance (*conditions apply).